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A young female handler and her wilderness search dog are terrified as something approaches.  Poster for the new film Search Dog's Raven.

Allex Michael's first feature film Search Dog's Raven™ is now in Post Production.

Based on her novella 'The Deadly Search', Search Dog's Raven tells the eerie story of a Wilderness Search Dog Team.

Though you may recognize a few faces, Search Dog's Raven is an independent production with no big stars. Despite this, the new action thriller is already receiving attention from the Hollywood Reporter and Variety (Hollywood's premiere trade publications). The Internet Movie Database also listed the film during production, which is extremely rare for an independent film.

TAG LINE: Any search can turn dangerous, but their last one turns deadly.

SYNOPSIS: As the lead search dog team in North West Montana, having an animated series based on your life isn't easy. When a real search turns deadly, unexplainable events cast doubt on the celebrity dog's abilities. Some of which are yet unknown. This unnatural murder, and a raven, lures the young woman and her wilderness search dog down a dangerous trail. Raised by an aboriginal mantracker, she will need all of her skills to survive. However, the key to unlocking this eerie crime turns out to be the Search Dog's Raven.

As a professional writer and photographer, Allex is doing an amazing job of translating a very clever story into her first film. This action thriller with a supernatural twist, is further enhanced with ruggedly beautiful scenery from locations including Banff National Park, Kananaskis Wilderness and the Cascade Mountain Range.

Search Dog's Raven stars Mikella and Ebbey the search dog. There are nine additional primary actors, plus an eerie raven, wolves, a cougar and other search dogs. Secondary roles include almost 30 speaking parts and dozens of background performers. Other notable wildlife appearances include bighorn, bison, a grizzly, eagles and an owl.

Search Dog's Raven will have an original soundtrack and Writer Director Allex Michael is aiming for a PG rating. Gold text reads Alle

The film's canine star 'Ebbey' was found starving in a garbage dump just months before filming and her naughty personality shines on screen. Ebbey has already been signed to act in another film and the possible animated spinoff called 'Search Dog's Raven'.

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