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Allex Sammuell Michael.....Origins

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Allex Michael as a toddler challenged by her first stair step. With a mixed heritage of Austrian, French, Irish and Scandinavian, Allex is named after her great grandfather 'Sammuell'. Sammuell worked as a blacksmith and traveled the central United States in a covered wagon with his wife and children. They eventually settled down on a homestead in Montana.

Allex's grandfather quit school in grade four to help with the family farm. Leaving home by the age of fourteen, he eventually ended up in the the oil and gas industry. He married later in life, proposing to a seventeen year old girl from Paradise, Montana just before the depression. Continuing to work in the oil and gas industry, he bought a farm but was soon forced to take early retirement after a job related injury. Allex Michael as a baby

A very abusive childhood had already taken it's mental toll, as Allex's grandmother struggled to raise two children and help work the family farm. She soon began talking to herself and existed in a world of her own.

Playing advanced level classical piano, Allex's mother showed promise creatively but there was no money for education. Even if there had been, it would have gone to the favorite younger son. The poor farm girl fell in love with and married someone she thought could give her a better life. However, things didn't turn out that way.

Although her mother is American, Allex was born in Alberta, Canada during the mid seventies. Allex's mother stayed home with her daughter for the first four years, despite a lack of money. She taught Allex to read by the age of two and creativity was a big part of their day. Her mother thought up ways to create things out of nothing. Allex often jokes "We were too poor to shop at the thrift store" which isn't far from the truth.
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Allex briefly made a bit of money as a child clothing model, but her mother had concerns about the industry and pulled her out. As family problems became worse, Allex began gaining weight, and spent the rest of her childhood chubby. As an adult, her features are now too aquiline for most modeling work. Allex also enjoys good food and is very health conscious, so would have difficulty maintaining a gaunt model sized figure.

When Allex turned five, her mother went back to work to support the family. Her father's mental instability and addictions, continually dragged the family deeper in debt. Unable to cope with the turmoil, Allex began suffering stress related illnesses. She also had numerous physical injuries during her childhood. All these factors encouraged Allex to withdraw into herself. The likely source for her boundless imagination.

Though growing up as an only child, Allex has one older half sister.

Bio Part 2.....Upbringing

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