With her hair in braids, Allex Michael at nine years of age. Gold text reads Allex Michael


Biography of

Allex Sammuell Michael.....Upbringing

Part 1: Origins  Part 2: Upbringing Part 3: Vocation Part 4: Career Path Part 5: Dogs

Lying about her age, Allex was working by the age of eleven. At twelve, she was passing herself off as twenty-one and twenty-five. She moved away from home by the age of sixteen and soon dropped out of high school. Allex Michael as a young teen.

Allex Michael: "There are two main reasons I dropped out. Because I excelled at reading, my dyslexia wasn't diagnosed as a child. I was on the honor roll and excelled at courses like biology and english. But by high school, I was failing in abstract sciences like calculus and physics. No calculus meant I couldn't get into university to become a vet. Not that I could afford it any ways. Working, volunteering and hanging with a much older crowd, I kept finding reasons not to show up for class.

Secondly, I moved out to get away from my father. In addition to all the other issues, it became my job to replenish his supplies. This meant being chronically late for my first class and being sent to the principal's office every morning. Preferring to avoid this unpleasantness, I just stopped going to my first class. Plus I was nearing the age where authorities would prosecute if I was caught purchasing various substances. So I moved out. But then I quickly discovered it's tough to stay in school, while supporting yourself and still not making it to first class because your older roommates are also partying every night.

To appease my mother, I challenged some entry level college biology and zoology courses. High marks allowed me to take a semester on probation. Attempts at remedial math again failed and I barely lasted a year. Gold text reads Alle

I am very good with money, and very creative with a limited independent film budget, which is why I remain baffled about my weakness in math."

Allex Michael: "One good thing about dyslexia, is it can unlock hidden talents. In order to function, your thought processes often develop differently than others. Which is great for someone in a creative field."

Allex made two films as a child. Borrowing her grandfather's old 8mm camera (he also paid for the film and development), Allex made a film about zoo animals for a school assignment. The second film was more for a personal vision. Unable to afford a VHS camcorder, Allex borrowed one in exchange for yard work and made a video about puppies. Gold arrow links to Allex Michael Biography Part 3: Vocation

Allex Michael: "It's so ironic that I, of all people, should become a filmmaker. Growing up, we couldn't afford to go see a movie. It was somewhat alienating, when other kids were going once or twice a week. Maybe that's why watching films and the whole business has become such an obsession.."

Bio Part 3.....Vocation

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