A young female handler and her wilderness search dog are terrified as something approaches.  Poster for the new film Search Dog's Raven. Gold text reads Allex Michael


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Allex Sammuell Michael.....Career Path

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To gain film and television experience, Allex applied to work on a film crew, but was instead hired as an extra. . She learned a lot about filmmaking by just loitering, and also learned she had no desire to pursue acting .

One of Allex Michael's first writing assignments, in 1995, involved interviewing a search dog handler named Marion Hardy.

Allex Michael: "I can remember thinking what a great book or even movie I could write about a wilderness search dog team. Wrote down some ideas, but then shelved it."

Several years later, Allex had written a novella called 'The Deadly Search'. It told the eerie story of a wilderness search dog team. She had been taking directing and independent filmmaking courses, so when her agent suggested her novella be made into a film instead of submitting it to a publisher, Allex dove in head first. That was five years ago. Keeping the title and story secret as long as she could, Search Dog's Raven will soon be a reality.

How does a writer, photographer and artist become a filmmaker?

Allex Michael: "I think everyone just felt sorry for me. People that knew me, or knew of me, loved my stories and just couldn't believe everything that was happening...or not happening with my career. I guess they wanted to see at least one Allex Michael script finally turned into a film.

Maybe my stories are better suited for film, but my goal was to be a published fiction author. That's what I've always wanted to be. Though full time wilderness photographer would be a close second. If my paintings were as realistic as Robert Bateman's, then painter would be third on the list. Of course I always wanted to be a singer songwriter, but the music business is much more difficult than the film industry so I'm glad I didn't pursue that very far."

When it comes to her art, Allex does not consider painting as part of her resume. She has sold several paintings, but has come to the realization that she cannot support herself as a painter. Gold text reads Alle

Allex Michael: "With my intense desire to write, I cannot devote the time needed to paint professionally. Plus I'm a slow writer, but an even slower painter. So financially, I would starve to death much faster as a painter."

Allex likes her painting style, though is striving for slightly more realism.

Filmmaking allow lots of room for creativity which is where Allex is now putting all her focus. However, you will see a couple new Allex Michael paintings in her upcoming film Search Dog's Raven. Gold arrow links to Allex Michael Bio Part 4: Allex & Dogs

Allex Michael: "As far as hobbies go, I've turned most of them into work. My only hobby, right now, is watching movies. We didn't have cable when I was a kid, so it's a real treat to rent a bunch of films. But now that I've made my first film 'Search Dog's Raven', I guess that hobby is turning work related as well."

Bio Part 5.....Allex & Dogs

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